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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well old blogger's time to say good-bye!  You've been great to me, but it's just time to move on to bigger and better things! 

Yes, my new blog is finally ready!!!  Be sure if you follow me, or have this blog bookmarked, that you change the address to my new blog: 

It looks great, and I'm VERY excited about it!!!  Go check it out right away, and check back often!  I've got lots of new things in store...starting with a fun giveaway next week, so stay tuned!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh The Cuteness..Happy 2nd Birthday!! - Jordan Child Photographer

From a 90th Birthday to a 2nd Birthday in one day!  This handsome little dude just happens to be the Great Grandson of the 90th Birthday Boy!  We took some special time after the big group to capture some special moments for this little man and his family!  You just gotta love, appreciate and embrace the curiosity, imagination, energy and excitement that is a two year old.  They are something special!  You can check out his one year session here..I love to see how they change!

Caught on the move - I think he just liked to make me run around!

Love the grin and how he has hold of mom and dad's hands

Look at these curls!  Wow.  He was searching in the "forest" for dinosaurs!  Like I said..gotta love the imagination!

Happy 90th Birthday!!!

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to capture a few special moments for this family, as they whole family gathered from all over the country to celebrate Grandpa's 90th Birthday!  What better reason to celebrate!  Happy Birthday Virgil!
I'm in LOVE with this photo...this is the kind of love we all wish for grow old with the one we love.  Love it!

Gorgeous Senior Girl - Jordan Senior Photographer

We snuck in this gorgeous senior session just before the nasty storms on Saturday.  She was a trooper, because it was a hot one.  Despite the heat and humidity, the images we got are just stunning.  She is a beautiful girl, and had the personality to go with it!  I had a great time meeting you and hanging out!  I hope you love your preview! I had a hard time narrowing it down!

Cutie Pie 6 Month Old - Minnetonka Child Photographer

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE photographing 6-7 month olds?!  There is just something special about them.  Their bright, beautiful  expressions, their curiosity, their baby's just the best!  I went to college with this little man's mama, so it was especially great to see her again and hang out with this handsome dude!  How stinkin cute is he!!!  I love these!

Beautiful Family of ALMOST 4! - Prior Lake Child Photographer

This little beauty is about to be a big sister!  We found a gorgeous field of yellow to match their yellow outfits and the results were perfect!   I can't wait to meet your new little one in July!

Little Lucy - New Prague Newborn Photographer

How beautiful is this little 10 day old Lucy!! She is a special gift, that is for sure!  Thanks for letting me come hang out!  She is beyond precious!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy Boys!!!! - Jordan Child Photographer

This morning, I got to hang out with these handsome little guys!  I titled this post Busy Boys, and that is the truth!  They gave me a workout playing with them today, but we had lots of fun!!  They had such a fun backyard full of toys, and a fun playset.  There is no lack of love in this house, which I think is pretty clear in this preview.  We snuck in some more posed shots in the beginning, and then just kind of captured who they are as a family, lots of fun, love and playing!  I had a great time meeting your beautiful family today!  Enjoy your preview!
Love this - Brothers! 
Handsome Big Brother

And the little man
Fun on the slide
I wish I had a photo like this of me and my the love
This one too, the expression of Dad just swinging with his son..we all should take the time like this to just stop play with and enjoy our little ones - I can only imagine how fast these moments will go by

And of course, with two boys, you have to take time to wrestle
Some family fun on the playset
Your post has gotten me all sentimental now, and I feel like I need to spend lots of time tomorrow out playing and enjoying Avery!  Thanks for letting me spend the morning with you!